Get Your Second Passport

Top 7 Reasons To Get a Second Passport Today

1. More Financial Options

A second passport unlocks the door to international financial services… especially for US Citizens. To be a welcomed by foreign financial institutions, you need a passport from a different country.

2. Minimal Risk of Foreign Policy

Having a Passports with minimal risk of foreign policy blow back, you avoid being targeted if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. More Visa Free Travel

A second Passport will give you visa free access to more Countries. Paraguay, it’s one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain a second passport from and will let you travel visa-free to 123 countries, including most of Latin American and European Countries.

4. Avoid People Control

Having a second Passport would permit you to leave the Country even if you have been restricted to do so. In U.S., for example, the government can cancel your passport if you are accused of a felony. They don’t even need to convict you.

That, of course, is not unique to U.S. Any government can revoke or cancel a Passport for whatever the any reason. Having a second passport dilutes this power.

5. Provides Mobility Insurance

A second Passport provides Mobility Insurance for you and your family. Regardless of how bad the economic or political situation might get in your home country, a second Passport gives you the legal right to live and work elsewhere.

6. Renunciation

If you decide to take the drastic step of renouncing your citizenship, a second Passport would give you huge tax and regulatory benefits if your home country

7. Generational Benefits

A second passport provides political diversification benefits to future generations. That means, you will be able to pass on multiple Citizenships to your children and grandchildren.

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