Set up Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong requires no taxation on earnings from outside the Country. This makes it a very attractive location for foreign Company formation. It is the financial capital of the world and the gateway to Mainland China. You must decide if the names of the Shareholders and Directors of the Company are required to be open to the public scrutiny. As part of our service, we offer the option of using Nominee Shareholders and/or Nominee Directors in order to remain invisible to public searches.

Advantages in setting up an Offshore Company in Hong Kong

– Hong Kong is the financial capital of the world
– Hong Kong is the gateway to Mainland China
– Zero Tax on Income generated outside Hong Kong
– No minimum Paid up Capital required
– Zero Tax on Capital gains and Dividend Income
– Low tax rate of 16.5% for business done in Hong Kong
– Fast Incorporation service. Usually 7-10 Days.

Corporate Documents supplied upon registration:

– Business Registration Certificate
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– NC1 Form
– Two D2A forms
– First Resolutions
– Share Certificate
– Set of Registers

Service Fee to set up Company in Hong Kong includes:

– Company Registration Fee
– Corporate Documents supplied
– Government Fees paid for 1 year
– Registered Office for 1 year
– Express delivery of Corporate Documents

The Fees from 2nd year onwards will cover: Payment of Government Fees + Registration of Office for 1 year .

Optional Services

– Set up Bank Account with Top Bank in Hong Kong – USD 3,500.00. The Fee includes legalization of all required Corporate documents by the Bank
– Nominee Director (Including apostilled Power of Attorney) – USD 400.00
– Nominee Shareholder – USD 300.00
– Notarized set of all Corporate Documents – USD 550.00

Service Fee to set up Company + Bank Account in Hong Kong is USD 5,000.00

These additional services are available only to our registered Clients.

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