Paymaster Services

A Paymaster is someone appointed by a Group of Investors or Government to dispense Commissions, Fees or Salaries within the Private or Public Sector.

Billion City Limited acts as the Paymaster to receive fees for large complex Transactions and disburse them to Sellers and Brokers involved in the Transaction according to either an IMFPA or other Fee Protection Agreement. Banks have become very wary of handling large transactions for clients without a history of such transactions and in addition, most buyers and sellers involved in such transactions wish to pass the money through a neutral third party.

The Company is a Registered Paymaster General in Hong Kong and provide Secure, Efficient and Cost Effective Paymaster and Secure Holding Services in Multi Currencies to its Clients.

Billion City Limited can offer Multi Currency Accounts so, you do not lose money on Currency exchange rates unless you choose to change the currency yourself.

By using the unique services offered by Billion City Limited, you’ll never need to worry about the security of your Funds, we can offer two different locations for your transactions both of which are top Banks within their respective regions.  We receive and disburse funds for individuals and corporate entities alike involved in transactions such as:

•Fuel and Petroleum Transactions
•Commodities Transactions
•Currency Transactions
•Gold, Platinum & Diamonds Transactions
•Bank Instruments
•Private Placement Programs (PPP)
*Import/Export Transactions

Contact us today and we’ll send you everything you need to list Billion City Limited as your Paymaster in the Master Fee Agreement.

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